Friday, July 13, 2018

Usuki Hideyuki (臼木英之) "Eternal Blue" Exhibition at Gallery銀座一丁目 - (2018/07)

This exhibition (2018/07/12-17) entitled "Eternal Blue" by Usuki Hideyuki (臼木英之) at Gallery Ginza 1-Chome (Gallery銀座一丁目) consists of a range of paintings in the style shown on the promotional card - here:
Many of his past exhibitions have featured large paintings, but this exhibition features many smaller, very affordable pieces.  Here's a video the artist allowed me to take of the exhibition:

The exhibition is from Thursday, July 12th, through to Tuesday, July 17th at Gallery銀座一丁目 (Gallery Ginza 1-Chome) in the 銀座奥野ビル (Ginza Okuno Building).  The artist introduced the exhibition (in a group e-mail) this way:
臼木英之展示会 Usuki Hideyuki:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon