Monday, April 30, 2012

Sato Yuichiro (佐藤裕一郎) Exhibition at Gallery-58 - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/23-28) by Sato Yuichiro (佐藤裕一郎) at Gallery-58 was a kind of dream-come-true for anyone who likes the blue and white spectrum of colors this artist uses.  There was also a nice collection of smaller prints in the library section of the gallery.  I'd love to have a room in my apartment with walls like this.  この展示会は、私がタイトルをつけると、多分「青ランド天国」と言う名ををする!  (Video/動画 [A] [B] [C])
佐藤裕一郎展 / Gallery-58

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Yoshikubo Akane (吉窪茜) Exhibition at K's Gallery - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/23-28) by Yoshikubo Akane (吉窪茜) at K's Gallery was the tenth one for this artist and she had examples of her artwork from the past ten years on display.  My favorite picture was one that reminded me of a picture I once saw of old handwritten music (by a famous composer) - with the music as a happy, living thing.  この展示会は、画家の十年間の絵を見られました。 一番気に入った絵は、生きている音楽見たいな感じの絵でした。

The artist's website is here:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹)'s Cobra Chair Returns! (Y's Arts, Room-508) - (2012/04)

Back in April 2011, I had my first encounter with the Cobra Chair, by Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹), at Y's Arts, in Room-508 of the Ginza Okuno Building (see [this post]).  I really liked the chair, as aside from being the coolest chair I'd ever seen, it was comfortable to sit in.
近藤正樹 / Y's Arts, Room-508

I didn't really expect to see the chair again though, so it was nice to see it majestically sitting in historical Room-508 last week.  Someday, somehow, I want to buy that chair....  コブラ椅子が508号室に戻りました! まず、去年始めて見て、その時も [去年のポスト]、今も、あの椅子をいつか買いたいと思う!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Okawa Mamiko (大川真美子) Installation at Gallery Hinoki (ギャラリー檜) - (2012/04)

I found this installation (2012/04/23-28) by Okawa Mamiko (大川真美子) at Gallery Hinoki (ギャラリー檜) to be quite interesting.  Shadows from overhead prints hanging within a projector beam combined with projected shadows moving mysteriously across the wall... it was fun/intriguing to experience.  この影のインストレーションは、凄く面白いと思いました!  [Video/動画]
大川真美子展 / ギャラリー檜

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sato Taku (佐藤卓) Installation at Gallery Kobo (巷房) - (2012/04)

This installation (2012/04/23-05/05) by Sato Taku (佐藤卓) at Gallery Kobo (巷房) consisted of small robots marching in place within glass domes - powered by small solar cells.  The image on the promotional card is a half-cross-section of one of the robots.  このインストレーションは、グラスドーム内のソーラー散歩のロボットでした。
佐藤卓展 / 巷房

The first time I visited Kobo to see this installation, I didn't meet the artist, but I went by again a couple of days later and spoke with him about his creation and learned more about it.  The robots are all facing Fukushima and an element of the exhibition is that electric lights are not used, so the light energy that runs the robots is strictly sunlight from the window.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

永江俊昭陶展 Exhibition at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (柴田悦子画廊) - (2012/04)

This ceramics exhibition (2012/04/24-05/01) by 永江俊昭 (I forgot to verify the pronunciation of the artist's name) at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (柴田悦子画廊) consisted of a range of traditionally fired ceramics.  この陶展示会は、色々な伝統的な焼き物でした。
永江俊昭陶展 / 柴田悦子画廊
永江俊昭陶展 / 柴田悦子画廊

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moriizumi Shoko (森泉笙子) Exhibition at Salon De La (サロンドゥラー) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/27-05/06) by Moriizumi Shoko (森泉笙子) at Salon De La (サロンドゥラー) entitled "モウヒトツのソラ" (Mo-Hitotsu-no-Sora "Another Sky" or "One More Sky" or...) consisted of an interesting range of paintings (predominately) either blue or red themed (see following photos).  (Video / 動画 [A] [B] [C] [D])
この展示会は、凄く面白かった! 絵は良いし、画家が、長い人生で色々な事をしました/する。 踊り、自分の新宿の店、数冊の本を書いて、そして今は、絵を描いてます。
I liked many of the paintings at this exhibition, but I think my favorite was the painting shown at the top of this post.  //  In the photo above you can see the original painting used on the cover of one of the artist's books.
森泉笙子展 / サロンドゥラー
(上下) At the opening party.  (下) Moriizumi Shoko (森泉笙子) discussing the exhibition with Ikeda Tatsuo (池田龍雄).
森泉笙子展 / サロンドゥラー
(上下) 森泉笙子様  The artist today (above) and in 1960 (below).
(上) 1960年の森泉笙子様
(上) The cover of one of the ten (or so) books the artist has written.  (The photo above of the artist in 1960 is from this book.)


1933(昭和8年) 東京に生まれる
1957(昭和32年) 日劇ミュージックホール洋舞踊で出演


1957(昭和32年) 関根庸子の筆名で処女作『女の復讐』を週刊新潮に発表
1959(昭和34年) 6月『私は宿命に唾をかけたい』を光文社から出版
1959(昭和34年) 11月から1965(昭和40年)まで『バー・カヌー』を6年間経営
常連客・作家埴谷雄高に出会い、以後、筆名 森泉笙子で作品を発表する
 - 危険な共存 - (1970 河出書房新社)
 - 天国の一歩手前 - (1984 三一書房)
 - 新宿の夜はキャラ色 - (1986 三一書房
 - 香港の朝起会 - (1988 深夜叢書社)
 - ブーゲンビレアの花冠 - (1990 三一書房)
 - 食用花 - (2000 深夜叢書社)
 - 青鈍色の川 - (2009 深夜叢書社)


於・埴谷島尾記念文学資料館(福島 小高)
於・ギャラリー・バー Kajima(銀座)
グループ展「けやき会 第15回」出品、池田龍雄のトーク
於・ギャラリー ソレイユ(京橋)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, April 23, 2012

菅沼正之 Exhibition at Art Space Rashinban (アートスペース羅針盤) - (2014/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/16-21) by 菅沼正之 (I forgot to verify the pronunciation of the artist's name)  at Art Space Rashinban (アートスペース羅針盤) consisted of pictures drawn on location.  In contrast to the more common practice of doing a small sketch and enlarging it in a studio later, I thought it was interesting that the artist created these large pictures on site.  この展示会は、全部の作品が現場で描いたらしい。

Gallery page about this exhibition:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Iguchi Shin (井口信) Exhibition at Art Gallery Ishi (アートギャラリー石) - (2012/04)

This nihonga exhibition (2012/04/16-21) by Iguchi Shin (井口信) at Art Gallery Ishi (アートギャラリー石) consisted of large scale mysterious hybrid (content) pictures of outer space.  The one on the left in the upper photo below made me want to fly through the scene in a spacecraft.  この日本画展示会は、宇宙とイグアナのハイブリッド絵でした。 写真の左側の絵を見ながら宇宙船を乗りたくなりました。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Kanazawa Midori (金沢碧) Exhibition at Gallery Kobo (巷房) - (2012/04)

This installation (2012/04/16-21) by Kanazawa Midori (金沢碧) at Gallery Kobo (巷房) consisted of an interesting arrangement of glass objects in two spaces - in the main space (video [A] [B]) and in the under-stairs space (photos below).  このグラスインストレーションは、グラス作品を面白いアレンジメントでした。  (動画 - [A] [B])
金沢碧展 / 巷房

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Morita Haruki (森田晴樹) Exhibition at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (柴田悦子画廊) - (2012/04)

This nihonga exhibition (2012/04/13-21) by Morita Haruki (森田晴樹) at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (柴田悦子画廊) consisted of pictures of flowers, including gekka bijin (月下美人 - epiphyllum oxypetalum) in the style of the picture featured on the promotional card.  The theme was flowers in the middle of the night.  この日本画展示会は、DM絵葉書のような夜中の花の絵でした。
森田晴樹展 / 柴田悦子画廊

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Yo Shimadu (シマジヨウ) Exhibition at Gallery.B Tokyo (ギャラリービートウキョウ) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/16-21) by Yo Shimadu (シマジヨウ) at Gallery.B Tokyo (ギャラリービートウキョウ) consisted of the carved out root sections of large tree trunks (apparently obtained from construction sites), the concept being carving out one ring at a time, until he had reached the first years of the tree.  Looking in the reflection, you see/imagine a tree rising...  この展示会は、逆さまの木の根を... 以下の通りです!  Video/動画: [A] [B]

The artist's website is here:

- and the artist's Facebook page is here:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Otsuki Hiroshi (大槻博) Exhibition at Gallery-58 - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/16-21) by Otsuki Hiroshi (大槻博) at Gallery-58 consisted of an interesting set of pictures, mostly created with sections - resulting in pictures similar to the one featured on the promotional card.  この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした。
大槻博展 / Gallery-58

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Takahashi Toshifumi (高橋俊文) Exhibition at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/16-21) by Takahashi Toshifumi (高橋俊文) at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) consisted of black pictures - a couple of them purely black, but most with a hint of blue peeking through in a few places.  [Video/動画]
高橋俊文展 / 藍ギャラリー
高橋俊文展 / 藍ギャラリー
My immediate impression upon entering the room was "Hmm?  All black pictures?", but after contemplating them carefully, I realized that their bold textures made with thick paint were interesting at different angles.  In the all-white gallery (white walls, ceiling and floor), with its bright lights, the extreme contrast between the paintings and the walls was actually kind of uncomfortable to look at, but in a room with more subdued lighting, they could be pretty cool.  この展示会は、全黒の絵でした。 こうなると、絵のペイントの形が面白くなる。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Mizukami Aya (水上綾) Exhibition at Gallery-58 - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/09-14) by Mizukami Aya (水上綾) at Gallery-58 consisted of - I think - pictures similar to the one featured on the promotional card.  I arrived after the gallery had closed, so I could only see a couple of the paintings through the window in the locked door in the dark room.
水上綾展 / Gallery-58

この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした... と思う。 遅く画廊に到着したもんで、ドアから暗い部屋の二つの絵しか見えなかった。 でも、DMは面白そうので、ポストします。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ohya Yasuhito (大家泰仁) Exhibition at Nabis Gallery (なびす画廊) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/09-21) by Ohya Yasuhito (大家泰仁) at Nabis Gallery (なびす画廊) consisted of paintings similar to the one featured on the promotional card - depicting a kind of forest atmosphere - between realism and abstract, closer to the abstract end of the scale.  [gallery page]
大家泰仁展 / なびす画廊

I commented to the artist that one of the pictures reminded me of how it is in a forest and he said that was basically the inspiration for the pictures.  この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした。 林の雰囲気と思ったら、画家が、そう言う... えぇっと... 「inspiration」を言いたいですが、どちらの漢字がいいのか、迷います!:  吸気、鼓舞、感化、励み、感激、動機、意気込み、鼓吹、感応、感興、誘因。  [画廊ページ]

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Hiratai Fumie (平体文枝) Exhibition at APS-Gallery (APS企画シリーズ #24) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/09-21) by Hiratai Fumie (平体文枝) at APS-Gallery (APS企画シリーズ #24) consisted of pictures in the style of the picture featured on the promotional card.  (Note: The front of the card says "23" and the back "24" - 24 appears to be the correct number.)  この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした。
平体文枝展 / APS企画シリーズ #24

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Saeki Kazuko (佐伯和子) Exhibition at Gallery-403 (ギャラリー403) - (2012/04)

This exhibition by Saeki Kazuko (佐伯和子) at Gallery-403 (ギャラリー403) consisted of ink pictures in the style of the one featured on the promotional card.  My favorite picture of the exhibition was a picture with a deep blue background.  この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような墨の絵でした。 青いバックグラウンドの絵は一番気に入れました。
佐伯和子墨の新作展 / ギャラリー403

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Yumira Mayuko (弓良麻由子) Exhibition at Gallery Kobo (巷房) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/09-14) by Yumira Mayuko (弓良麻由子) at Gallery Kobo (巷房) consisted of creations in the style of the artwork featured on the promotional card.  この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような作品でした。
弓良麻由子展 / 巷房

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Kitahara Katsuyuki (北原克之) Exhibition at Steps Gallery - (2012/04)

This exhibition/installation (2012/04/09-14) by Kitahara Katsuyuki (北原克之) at Steps Gallery (mainly) consisted of new cassette tape cases in racks with a design printed on the insert inside.  A participatory installation, viewers are invited to rearrange the cases to make a different design.  Afterwards, the artist makes some minor adjustments, and thus a new design is born each day.
この展示会/インストレーションは、カセットテープのケースが、デザインをつけて、場所を変えて、色々な絵を作れる。 見ている人もアーティストも。

The artist's website is here:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Aoki Emiko (青木恵美子) Exhibition at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/09-14) by Aoki Emiko (青木恵美子) at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) consisted of pictures in various colors, but most of the pictures were of the color scheme of the picture featured on the promotional card.  Asking the artist about the exhibition title "In the End of Silence", she told me that the idea was the space in time before something happens.  [Gallery page]
青木恵美子展 / 藍ギャラリー

この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような赤色使い絵でした。 他の色の絵もありましたが、ほとんどの絵は、こんな感じ。 展示タイトルは、「沈黙の終わりに」ので、「んんん、どう言う意味ですか?」を画家さんに聞いて見て、画家が、「何に起こるまえの時間」。  部屋中は、こんな感じでしたので、インパクトがありました。  [画廊のページ]

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hangai Yoshio (半谷良男) Exhibition at Gallery Izu (ギャラリーいず) - (2012/04)

This watercolor exhibition (2012/04/10-15) by Hangai Yoshio (半谷良男) at Gallery Izu (ギャラリーいず) consisted of a nice set of pictures similar to the one shown on the promotional card.  The pictures appeared to be half of Japan and half of Italy.  この水彩展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした。
半谷良男展 / ギャラリーいず

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Suzuki Shin (鈴木伸) Exhibition at Gallery Mura (ギャラリー邨) - (2012/04)

This exhibition (2012/04/08-14) by Suzuki Shin (鈴木伸) at Gallery Mura (ギャラリー邨) consisted of collages on one side of the gallery, and paintings on the other (including the one on the promotional card).  この展示会は、半分コラージュと半分筆で書いた絵でした。
鈴木伸展 / ギャラリー邨

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Yamanari Keiko (山成景子) Exhibition at Gallery Kobo (巷房) - (2012/04)

This copperplate engraving exhibition (2012/04/09-14) by Yamanari Keiko (山成景子) at Gallery Kobo (巷房) consisted of a range of prints - one shown on the promotional card.  Upon close inspection, the prints had very fine detail in them.  この銅版展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした。
山成景子展 / 巷房

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Otsubo Miho (大坪美穂) Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki (画廊香) - (2012/04)

This exhibition/installation (2012/04/07-24) by Otsubo Miho (大坪美穂) at Gallery Kazuki (画廊香) consisted of artwork along the side walls and an installation at the back of the room (see following photos and videos).  Videos: [A] [B]
この展示会/インストレーションは、横の壁が絵、部屋の裏がインストレーションでした(上の写真)。 動画も見られます。  動画: [A] [B]

Artist information (画家の情報)

In the artist's words:




 - 大坪 美穂

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Kurota Hirofumi (黒多弘文) Installation at Project-306 (GOB-306号室プロジェクト) - (2012/04)

This installation (2012/04/09-22) by Kurota Hirofumi (黒多弘文) of GOBP-306 (銀座奥野ビル306号室プロジェックト) is part of a series by this artist highlighting different atmospheric elements of Room-306 in the Ginza Okuno Building.
As always, the point is to enter Room-306 and experience the atmosphere/history of the room and the building (left half 1932, right half 1934).  このインストレーションは、銀座奥野ビル306号室の歴史と雰囲気を感じさせる為、光と鏡のマジック。 (以下の動画に説明が少し入ってます。)

Videos (動画): [B], [C], [D]

銀座奥野ビル306号室プロジェックト (Project Room-306):

Ginza Okuno Building Details

Okuno Building Photo-blog - 奥野ビル (写真ブログ)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon