Monday, April 30, 2012

Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹)'s Cobra Chair Returns! (Y's Arts, Room-508) - (2012/04)

Back in April 2011, I had my first encounter with the Cobra Chair, by Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹), at Y's Arts, in Room-508 of the Ginza Okuno Building (see [this post]).  I really liked the chair, as aside from being the coolest chair I'd ever seen, it was comfortable to sit in.
近藤正樹 / Y's Arts, Room-508

I didn't really expect to see the chair again though, so it was nice to see it majestically sitting in historical Room-508 last week.  Someday, somehow, I want to buy that chair....  コブラ椅子が508号室に戻りました! まず、去年始めて見て、その時も [去年のポスト]、今も、あの椅子をいつか買いたいと思う!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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