Monday, April 30, 2012

Sato Taku (佐藤卓) Installation at Gallery Kobo (巷房) - (2012/04)

This installation (2012/04/23-05/05) by Sato Taku (佐藤卓) at Gallery Kobo (巷房) consisted of small robots marching in place within glass domes - powered by small solar cells.  The image on the promotional card is a half-cross-section of one of the robots.  このインストレーションは、グラスドーム内のソーラー散歩のロボットでした。
佐藤卓展 / 巷房

The first time I visited Kobo to see this installation, I didn't meet the artist, but I went by again a couple of days later and spoke with him about his creation and learned more about it.  The robots are all facing Fukushima and an element of the exhibition is that electric lights are not used, so the light energy that runs the robots is strictly sunlight from the window.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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