Sunday, April 25, 2010

Orii Gaz (折井和良展) Exhibit at K's Gallery

I was wandering around in Ginza looking for galleries I haven't been to yet, and as I walked into K's Gallery for the first time, I looked across the room and saw the image on the promotional card (see below), and I thought: "Hmm?  That looks like an Orii Gaz picture!"  I refocused to my right - on a man's back - and as he turned around... "Hey!  It's you!" - it was indeed Orii Gaz (折井和良展), who I mentioned before, here, and now he's at a different gallery (2010/04/15-26).
折井和良展 / K's Gallery

I like Orii Kaz's pictures a lot, but for both his previous show at the Okuno Building and this show, there was one picture I wasn't enthusiastic about - and in both cases, that was the picture chosen for the promotional postcard!  Notice the large area of solid orange/red - in his other pictures, no single color takes up so much space, and for my tastes, all of his other pictures were more balanced.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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