Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ishizuka Masako (石塚雅子展) Exhibition at APS and Gallery Camellia (APSとギャラリーカメリア)

This exhibition (2010/09/08-25) by Ishizuka Masako (石塚雅子展) entitled "Darkness and Light" (夜と昼) is at APS and Gallery Camellia (APSギャラリーカメリア) and is the 20th in a series (シリーズ20).  The two rooms of the exhibition are on the fifth floor, with the picture on the promotional card (below) being exhibited alone in the APS space near the elevator.  The original is quite nice, and definitely worth seeing.  The reproduction on the card doesn't quite do it justice.  [Note: The show is fairly long-running, but is closed every week on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.]

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