Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shiromoto Toshiyuki (城本敏由樹) Exhibition at Ginza Modern Art (銀座モダンアート) - (2011/01)

This exhibition (2011/01/20-26) by Shiromoto Toshiyuki (城本敏由樹) at Ginza Modern Art (銀座モダンアート) consists of colorful and dramatic images paired with dramatic kanji characters.  この展示会は、写真の通りのドラマっチック絵と漢字のコンビです。面白かったです。
城本敏由樹 / 銀座モダンアート

Ginza Modern Art's website is here:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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  1. I purchased 2 of Toshiyuki Shiromoto's paintings when I was in Shikoku near Dogo onsen.
    I really like his work and seven years later decided to goole him.

    Good on YOu Toshi you are doing well.

    I hope to purchase some more one day.

    I live in Australia

    Leesa Trigger