Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kurashige Mitsunori (倉重光則) Installation - Steps Gallery (ステップスギャラリー) 2011/10

This installation (2011/10/01-15) by Kurashige Mitsunori (倉重光則) at Steps Gallery (ステップスギャラリー) consisted of a flashing white screen that I couldn't watch for very long without feeling dizzy, and - apparently - the neon scene depicted on the promotional card.  I say "apparently", because the gallery owner told me that he was instructed to take it down, as the tall part of the neon tube was considered to be dangerous (post 3/11, people are nervous about earthquakes, etc.).  Too bad, as it does look pretty cool in the picture on the card!
Incidentally, this is a new gallery, and while I haven't confirmed the reason for the name "Steps Gallery", it occurs to me in hindsight that it might be due to the fact that it's on the 5th floor in a building with no elevator.  The gallery owner appears to have a sense of humor, so I think that might be the reason.  この展示会は、ストローブの白いスクリーンとDM絵葉書のネオン... でしたが、僕は、ストローブだけが見た。 あの格好いいネオンは、「危ない」と言われたらしくて、残念ながら、僕の行った日は、無かった。 これは、新しい画廊で「ステップス」と言う名は、冗談らしい! エレベーターの無い建物の五階なので...


Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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