Friday, November 11, 2011

Matsuzawa Masa (松沢まさ) Exhibition at Gallery La Mer (ギャラリー La Mer) 2011/11

This exhibition (2011/10/31-11/05) by Matsuzawa Masa (松沢まさ) at Gallery La Mer (ギャラリー La Mer) consisted of a wide variety of images of very different styles, with a similar cheerful feeling to them.  There were also some line images created by laying down colors first, followed by black, and then drawn by scratching through the black.  It was a fun exhibition.  この展示会は、色々ないい明るい雰囲気とスタイルの絵でした。 楽しい展示会でした。
松沢まさ / ギャラリー La Mer

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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