Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kamiwakida Naoko (上脇田直子) Exhibition at Gallery b.Tokyo (ギャラリービートウキョウ) 2011/11

This exhibition (2011/11/14-19) by Kamiwakida Naoko (上脇田直子) at Gallery b.Tokyo (ギャラリービートウキョウ) consisted of a set of very interesting paintings painted with various materials (tempera, nihonga, etc.) and conveying complicated feelings amazingly well.  The picture (below) that was featured on the promotional card I immediately recognized as a crowded train platform in both details and feeling.  I guessed Shinjuku and the artist said that was indeed the station she had in mind when painting it.  Each picture conveyed an interesting set of feelings.
この展示会は、テンペラと日本画などの絵でした。 それぞれの絵が面白い話+雰囲気があって、良い感激が強かった。 いつか、壁とお金があって、買いたいと思います。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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