Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dual-Perspective Painting by Yokko (Yoshihiko Tsutsumi - つつみよしひこ) - Y's Arts-101/508 - (2012/01)

I was lucky enough to visit Y's Arts just as Yokko (Yoshihiko Tsutsumi - つつみよしひこ) was about to pack up some intriguing Dual-Perspective Paintings to ship to an overseas venue.  The artist explained how he began painting on the back of the translucent material with the visualized perspective of standing in front of it, and then gradually brought his perspective around to the back and refocused on the work from that perspective.  The result of this dual-perspective process is basically 1) A painting viewed through the translucent material, 2) a painting viewed conventionally, and 3) a stained glass effect with back-lighting.  It was quite interesting to experience!  I give a similar explanation in this video, taken at the artist's studio.
以上のコンセプトは、僕の日本語力が足りないです...   ん...ま... 要するに画家が、絵を描きながら、立場が、絵の前から、後ろまでだんだん変えて、結果は、三つです: 1) 前: 材料を通して見る, 2) 後ろ: 直接絵の具を見る, 3) 光が絵を通ると、ステンドグラス見たいな感じ。 この現場の動画が数枚のDual-Perspective絵が見える(英語の説明入り)。

Video taken in artist's studio, explaining concept while artist shows front and back of a few of his Dual-Perspective Paintings:

Ginza Y's Arts-101/508

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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