Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aoki Toshie (青木千惠) Exhibition at Gallery Musashi Ginza (銀座ギャラリームサシ) - (2012/02)

This exhibition (2012/01/30-02/04) by Aoki Toshie (青木千惠) at Gallery Musashi Ginza (銀座ギャラリームサシ) consisted of several large paintings, including the one (in part) featured on the promotional card.  The effect of this set of paintings was quite remarkable - maybe it was the contrast with the gray winter streets outside, but it was an uplifting and energizing experience viewing these paintings.  I stood in front of one and imaged hanging it on a wall in a nice (large, expensive, etc.) house....

この展示会は、DR絵葉書のような大きい絵でした。 明るくて、見てる内に元気が出ました! いつか、こういう絵をいい家の壁を付けたいと思って。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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