Saturday, June 30, 2012

Minamiguchi Seiji (南口清二) Exhibition at Gallery Musashi Ginza (銀座ギャラリームサシ) - (2012/06)

This exhibition (2012/06/18-24) by Minamiguchi Seiji (南口清二) at Gallery Musashi Ginza (銀座ギャラリームサシ) consisted of many interesting pictures.  The centerpiece of the exhibition was the (mainly pencil-drawn) picture featured on the promotional card.  It was a very large picture and it contained quite a lot of atmosphere in it.  For me, it represented - in a single picture - the constant motion and mystery of big-city life.  この展示会は、色々な面白い絵があって、以下の(DM絵葉書の絵)は、一番大きいと一番面白い絵でした。 何だか、一枚の絵で、都市の永久運動動きとミステリーが含めてありました。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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