Monday, May 3, 2010

Shohei Takasaki (高崎昇平) Exhibition at Gallery Gunji (ギャラリーぐんじ) - (2010/05)

This exhibit (2010/4/26-5/2) of Shohei Takasaki (高崎昇平)'s pictures at Gallery Gunji (ギャラリーぐんじ) consisted of Nihonga pictures similar to the one on the promotional postcard.  A woman at that gallery explained a little about Nihonga - such as how one way of getting different shades of a color was to vary the size of the particles used for coloring.
高崎昇平 / ギャラリーぐんじ
She also mentioned "Tokyo Art & Antiques (The Nihonbashi/Kyobashi Art and Antiques Festival)", which I was hoping to go to but ended up missing due to... other things.  As you can see from a map at the site, there are many art galleries not just in Ginza, but in the areas next to Ginza as well.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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