Sunday, March 6, 2011

Group Exhibition "Room-306, March 2011 Exhibition" at GOBR306

This group exhibition (2011/03/07-19) entitled "Room-306, March 2011 Exhibition" at Ginza Okuno Building, Room-306 (銀座奥野ビル306号室2011年3月展示会) basically consists of two parts, with composite photos by Lyle (宏) Saxon and architectural themed items by Ohtani Noriyuki (大谷宗之), Kudo Kenji (工藤賢二), and Kobayashi Hidekazu (小林秀和).
Photo Montage by Lyle H Saxon
All rights reserved, copyright 2011 by LHS

The above montage consists of my photos of the Okuno Building (with a couple of pictures from the surrounding area - Ginza, Yurakucho, etc. included).  The promotional postcard is below (drawing by Ohtani Noriyuki).  このグループ展示会は、私も入ってて、上の写真見たいなフォトーモンタージュを出している。 全部で、五枚のフォトーモンタージュがある。 他の三人のメンバーは、建築テーマの物がある+他。
(上) Illustration by Ohtani Noriyuki (大谷宗之)
Photos by Lyle H Saxon All rights reserved, copyright 2011 by LHS

A quick video look at this exhibition:
"Looking Around in Room-306, March 12th, 2011" - (110312-1551)

A look at the same room during my 2010 exhibition:
"'Tokyo-1990 Exhibition' June 10th, 2010 (B-2/2)" (100610Th-1356)

銀座奥野ビル306号室プロジェックト (Project Room-306):

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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