Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toyama Etsuko (遠山悦子) Exhibition at Suzuki Atelier (アトリエスズキ) - (2011/03)

This tempera exhibition (2011/03/03-12) by Toyama Etsuko (遠山悦子展) at Suzuki Atelier (アトリエスズキ) consisted of many very beautiful pictures of sakura trees - such as the one on the promotional card.  Apparently all the trees are actual trees the artist encountered in traveling around Japan for a year while working on this collection  There was an amazing depth to the pictures - I found myself studying them up close to see if they were actually three-dimensional.  このテンペラ展は、絵葉書見たいな美しい桜の木の絵でした。画家が、一年間日本を回って、書きました。まず、現場でスケッチで、後で和紙に美しい卵テンペラの絵を書く。
遠山悦子展 / アトリエスズキ

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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