Thursday, March 4, 2010

Murohashi Eri (室橋絵里) Exhibit at Gallery La Mer (ギャラリー La Mer)

The pronunciation of the artist's name is probably "Murohashi Eri", but I forgot to verify it with the artist, who I briefly spoke with at Gallery La Mer in Ginza.  (That's the trouble with converting kanji names into English characters - without verification, you usually can't say for certain what he pronunciation will be (since there are so many exceptions for pronunciation - especially when it comes to names).

室橋絵里 / ギャラリー La Mer

Not so much with the picture on the promotional postcard above, but there was another picture that looked like spaghetti being piled onto a plate on a woman's head, so I turned to the artist and said "Um... what is that?" and she said "What do you think?", so I said "It looks like spaghetti..." to which she cocked her head in a silently loud "Wrong..." pose, so I said "Or wires going into a robot..." to which she answered "That's closer...".

I would have continued on with still another guess, but I had run out of them, so I gave up and just had a contemplative look at her pictures and then went on my way after talking about (for a reason I can't remember exactly) the Okuno Building and how she might want to have a look at Room-306, which was occupied by the building's last resident tenant, who died at 100 years of age in January of 2009.

Later on, after visiting some other galleries, I want over to Room-306 and ran into her there, so we talked about the room for a bit - and then an elder kimono-clad relative of the artist displaying there (in Room-306) came by, and we discussed the space - in an atmosphere something like when you meet someone at a house party.  This atmosphere is pronounced in Room-306, as the Project-306 group is preserving it as it was, and it feels very much like a lived-in apartment (if you tune in to it correctly), rather than an empty display space.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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