Thursday, March 11, 2010

Konishi Ushio (小西潮) Exhibit at Ecru+HM (エクリュ+エイチエム)

"Exhibition Space Ecru+HM (エクリュ_+エイチエム)", in the Okuno Building in Ginza, seems to focus on things like glass art and clothing (judging by the exhibits I've seen there over the past year).

This week (3/6-3/13 2010) featured some very nice glasswork by Konishi Ushio (小西潮) of Ushio Studio (潮工房).  For the artist's studio site, see the above card and link.  For this week's Ginza exhibition space, see the card and link (for Ecru+HM エクリュ+エイチエム) below.

The artist carefully explained to me how some of the effects are manufactured in his studio.  Someday I hope to start buying glass art, and not just see it in galleries!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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