Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moriya Kenichiro (森谷謙一郎) Exibit / Project Room-306 (100309)

The current (between March 1st and March 13th, 2010) exhibit at Project Room-306 has a mysterious hair supporting a phantom hair clip...
森谷謙一郎/ Project Room-306

Room 306 was interesting, as usual, for the history in the air.  The building in general radiates history, and of the many rooms in the building, no one person lived in one of them as long as the tenant who used to live in Room 306, so it's a room with atmosphere.
Room-306 / Photo by Lyle H Saxon

While there, I met Murohashi Eri (室橋絵里), who is exhibiting in another room in the Okuno Building - at Gallery La Mer (ギャラリー La Mer).  We talked about the exhibit in 306, the room, the history of the room, its tenant, and the building, and while we were talking, a kimono-clad woman who is a relative of the person exhibiting in 306 (I can't quite make out one of the kanji characters, but if you can read Japanese, it's on the postcard further up the page, and when I discover the pronunciation, I'll put it on this page) arrived and then the three of us talked about the room, the meaning of "installation", etc.

"Installation" - truth be told, I can't confidently say that I understand that term very well myself either.  As I stumbled with a sort of dictionary definition, the artist from Gallery La Mer explained it to the guest.  Thinking back on it, it felt rather like meeting people at a party in someone's home, and that's basically what that room is....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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