Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Azumi Sayuri (安住小百合) Exhibit at Shibata Etsuko Art Gallery - (2010/06)

This nihonga exhibition (2010/06/24-30) by Azumi Sayuri (安住小百合) at Shibata Etsuko Art Gallery I quite enjoyed seeing.  The pictures of the type shown on the promotional postcard were of a style similar to what is seen in famous temples in Japan, and there were regular-content pictures as well, including a couple of small landscape pictures that were very nice.  [2011 Exhibition]
安住小百合 / Shibata Etsuko Art Gallery
One of the small landscape pictures - showing a winter (or autumn maybe) twilight scene of trees and a sliver of a moon - was my favorite image at the exhibition.  It captured the feeling of a twilight sky seen through bare trees so well, I kept coming back to it and contemplating past evenings of my life - when I contemplated such scenes and fell into deep thought....

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Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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