Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Iwasaki Natsuko (岩崎夏子) Exhibit at Art Gallery Ishi (アートギャラリー石)

This nihonga exhibit (2010/06/14-19) by Iwasaki Natsuko (岩崎夏子) at Art Gallery Ishi (アートギャラリー石) presented some really impressive paintings.  Since this exhibit took place at the same time as my own exhibit in the same building (the Okuno Building), I dropped by room 206 (from room 306) a few times to admire the great paintings and also to introduce them to some friends who liked them the best of all the exhibits they saw when they visited.  Very nice!
岩崎夏子個展 / アートギャラリー石
This was my favorite painting - largely thanks to the color, which was mysterious and beautiful.  It didn't photograph very well, but this shows some of the picture's allure.  You definitely need to see the original to fully appreciate this one though.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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