Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tokyo 1990 (20年前の東京) Video Exhibition by Lyle (宏) Saxon

This video exhibit/installation by Lyle (宏) Saxon is entitled "Tokyo 2010 (20年前の東京)", and it runs from June 9th, 2010 through to June 19th.  The material includes many scenes of a Tokyo already vanished in the relentless flow of history - such as views inside the old Marunouchi Building, views of an empty-lot Shiodome, the fountain in Shinbashi's SL-Plaza, etc.  For those with the time to watch the entire video, it runs for an hour, but if you only have time for ten minutes, or five, or three, that's fine too!
20年前の東京 / Lyle (宏) Saxon
Shinbashi Station Area 新橋駅前 (1990)

Baseball Game 野球試合 (1990)

Harajuku 原宿 (1990)

I took a short video clip showing a little of the inside of the Okuno Building and of the exhibit itself, which can be seen here:

"Tokyo-1990" (2010 Video Exhibit - Saturday-A) (100612-1902)

Some comments I wrote after the exhibit are here:

"'Tokyo 1990' Friends - Thank you!"

Some photos of the Ginza Okuno Building:
奥野ビル - http://ginzaokuno.blogspot.com/

Tokyo-1990 / 20年前の東京 (2010 Exhibition Video)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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