Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ginza-One (銀座ワン) Tokyo-Ten August 2010 Group Exhibit (サロンど東京展8月) - (2010/08)

This month's (2010/08/02-07) Ginza-One Tokyo-Ten Group Exhibit (アートスペース銀座ワン / サロンど東京展8月) features a larger number of artists than usual, with the theme being small pictures, each one selling for Y10,000.  There's some great art here - details of a couple of the artists' works follow (see further down page).
アートスペース銀座ワン / サロンど東京展8月
アートスペース銀座ワン / サロンど東京展8月

I went by this exhibit twice - once on opening night (picture and video link above), and once the following day.  On opening night - as you might imagine from the picture above - it wasn't possible to have a close look at all the pictures and discuss them with the artists, but the following day, I was able to talk with a couple of the artists:

Kato Masami (加藤雅己) - is displaying a couple of colorful sketches - one of an active scene in a festival that he sketched while in the thick of it (and touched up later) and the other drawn at home.  I like the concept of drawing the picture at the scene and during the time of the festival (現場と現時?).

Someone-san - Unfortunately, in looking at several business cards I have from that day, I'm not sure which one is hers, but her art at this exhibit was a painting transfered to a tile - that turned out really well.  The visual appearance is that of a picture behind glass, but is actually the surface of the tile in the frame.  (このアーティストへ: 名前を分かるとこのポストをアップデートします!)

There were many nice pictures and interesting techniques on display.  If you're in Ginza, drop by and have a look!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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