Friday, August 13, 2010

Kikuchi Megumi (キクチメグミ) and Tsutsumi Yoshihiko (つつみよしひこ) Exhibition at Y's ARTS

This exhibit (2010/08/09-21) by Kikuchi Megumi (キクチメグミ) and Tsutsumi Yoshihiko (つつみよしひこ), (the pair going by the name "NU-LU", which I forgot to ask the meaning of), at Y's ARTS Room-508 display space, consists of pictures constructed of pieces of leather stitched together by KM and then colored by TY, then stitched some more, and colored some more, etc.
キクチメグミ と つつみよしひこ/NU-LU / Y's ARTS
[Above] - Kikuchi Megumi (キクチメグミ) on the far left - talking with visitors to the exhibition in Y's ARTS display space in Room-508 on opening day.
And here is the picture I liked best from this exhibition.  (I like all of the pictures, but this one stands out for me - I like the color combination.)  The frames were built by Tsutsumi Yoshihiko.

The titles of the pictures are all "Unconscious - #1", #2, #3, etc, numbered in their order of completion.  The term "unconscious" referring to them being done in a pure frame of mind, without conscious analysis or planning.

It's an interesting exhibit - with my favorite one almost exactly behind the head of the person in the middle in the picture above!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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