Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seko Toru (瀬古徹展) Exhibition at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー)

This exhibition (2010/11/15-20) by Seko Toru (瀬古徹展) at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) consists of a series of shapes (one shown on the promotional card) offset from the wall, producing a subtle three-dimensional effect.  Looking closely at one (and reading the card), it turns out that they are thin boards wrapped in canvas and then painted with oil paints.
瀬古徹展 / 藍ギャラリー

This exhibition requires stopping for a minute and taking a good look - long enough to perceive the shape, the 3D-effect, and the faint shadows cast on the wall. この展示会の理解は何秒間(一瞬より長く)がかかる。まず, 非常にシンプルに見えるが, よく見ると、作品の形、三次元な感じと壁の影を気がつく。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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