Friday, April 29, 2011

Custom Chairs by Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹) at Y's Arts (Room-508) - (2011/04)

This exhibition (2011/04/25-30) of Custom Chairs by Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹) at Y's Arts (Room-508) consisted of a set of very interesting and unique chairs.  The one I liked the best was the cobra chair, made of cherry wood (upper of two photos below).  When I sat in it, it felt comfortable, provided good lower back support, and gave me a strange sense of power - I immediately found myself wanting the chair to use with my work desk!  この展示会は、凄く面白く、素晴らしい椅子です! とっくに気に入ったのは、コブラ椅子です! 欲しいです!
近藤正樹 / Y's Arts (Room-508)
近藤正樹 / Y's Arts (Room-508)

This video clip shows the artist explaining some details about the construction of the Cobra Chair:

I met the artist and some of his friends at the exhibition, and they told me they are from Shizuoka.  The following are a couple of links for pages (in Japanese) associated with them:

Y's Arts website is:

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