Friday, April 22, 2011

Matsumoto Tomoko (松本智子) Exhibition at Y's Arts (Room-508 & 101)

This exhibition (2011/04/18-23) by Matsumoto Tomoko (松本智子) at Y's Arts (Room-508 & 101) consists of two images from the artist's past in Room-508 - one an image based on a family picture taken in Ise in 1969, and the other another family image taken at the same spot in 2001, with a few of the same people as in the 1969 picture.  Carefully taking in the images, you perceive the passage of time and the temporary nature of our existence....  (Several more images are in Room 101 on the ground floor.)  この展示会は、伊勢の家族絵が二枚 - 1969年と2001年。 その約三十年間の間、その家族メンバーの変更などが、時間の流れが考えさせる。 時間が早い、人間の命は、そんなに長くない....
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Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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