Monday, May 21, 2012

第十回 スピグラの会写真展 Gallery Izu (ギャラリーいず) - (2012/05)

This was the 10th annual group exhibition (2012/05/15-20) by the Speed-Graphic Photographers Group (第10回 スピグラの会写真展), held at Gallery Izu (ギャラリーいず).  The photographers are all retired Yomiuri Newspaper photographers, and this exhibition featured one photo from each member of the group, mostly featuring historical events.
第十回 スピグラの会写真展 / ギャラリーいず
第十回 スピグラの会写真展 / ギャラリーいず

As a photographer, I always enjoy talking with these professional newspaper photographers and find myself wishing I had become a press photographer myself.  Or... actually, thinking how fun it would have been to be a news photographer in the era that they were working in.  この第10回スピグラの会写真展(読売新聞写真部OB会)は、凄く面白かったです。 それぞれの歴史的な写真(実際の歴史イベントの写真ので、歴史的よりも、歴史、その物!)は、深いバックグラウンドがあって。 また、来年の展示会はお楽しみに! (次の展示会は、多分写真家の最近の写真になります。)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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