Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nagano Noriko (永野のり子) Exhibition at Steps Gallery - (2012/05)

This exhibition (2012/05/21-26) by Nagano Noriko (永野のり子) at Steps Gallery consisted of pictures that at first glance I thought were purely abstract, but as I gazed at the largest one for a while, it suddenly felt as though I were looking out to ocean from a high cliff (or a hot-air balloon maybe).  I mentioned this to the artist and she said that she had wanted to achieve that effect, so I would say the effort was definitely successful!
永野のり子展 / Steps Gallery
この展示会は、まず抽象的な絵と思ったら、良く見ると、高い場所から、海の上に見ている感じでした。 何だか、抽象的と現実的の間の感じ。 結構綺麗+面白い - 良かったです。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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