Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kawai Etsuko (河合悦子) Exhibition at Gallery.B Tokyo (ギャラリービートウキョウ) - (2012/05)

This exhibition (2012/05/21-26) by Kawai Etsuko (河合悦子) at Gallery.B Tokyo (ギャラリービートウキョウ) consisted of paintings that have a lot more to them than is evident at first glance.  As you look at the paintings from different angles, their appearance changes, with different colors appearing and disappearing, and shapes coming into view and then fading away.  Watch this [video] for an example of how one of the paintings changes while walking from one side to the other.

この展示会が、不思議な絵でした。 アングルを変えながら、絵の要すが変わる。 廊下にかけると面白いでしょう - 歩きながら、絵がどんどん変わる。 この[動画]で絵の変化が見えます。

(The above picture is a close-up of one of the pictures.  上の写真は、一つの絵のクロスアップです。)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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