Thursday, February 3, 2011

Group Exhibiton at Gallery Seikodo (セイコウドウ)

This group exhibition (2011/01/31-02/10) by Takamura Yuko (高村木綿子), Ozawa Toshiko (尾澤とし子) and Hiromoto Naoko (廣本直子) at Gallery Seikodo (セイコウドウ) consisted of three types of art: oil paintings, nihonga paintings, and string art (with the string being made by hand from washi paper).  この展示会は、三人と三つのプロセスです。日本画と油絵と... 紐絵(正しい言い方が分かりませんが、和紙から紐を作って、絵の作成)です。
高村木綿子, 尾澤とし子 and 廣本直子 / セイコウドウ

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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