Friday, February 4, 2011

Kana (新宿-Kana) Live in Shinjuku (新宿路上ライブ) (M)

I saw this street musician (Kana) on February 1st, 2011 on the west side of Shinjuku Station.  I pulled out my camera and took a quick video clip of the scene - and then began to walk on towards an appointment over on the west side... but it suddenly drifted into the forefront of my conscious thinking that I rather liked the music, and so I went back and zoom-focused on the small sign beside the musician's keyboard and saw that she had a CD available.  As her song ended I walked up and bought one.  I'm listening to it now - the last song "大丈夫" (It's Alright) to be exact.  She sings through my speakers - the evening sun is a bright orange on the horizon... and some kind of magic is in the air.  Yes - I remember again how important music is!  (日本語は、絵の下です)(See Japanese text and song list below pictures.)
2011年2月1日に新宿駅の西口の近くを通った時にこの路上ライブの音楽を見て/聞いて、急いでカメラを出して、動画を撮って、そして西のアポイントへ向かって... で、突然足が止めて「待ってよ! その音楽がいいなぁ」と思って、戻ってCDを買った。それで、今これを書きながら、あのCDを聞いている。西の夕方空が暖かいオレンジ色... 昔の自分 - 「音楽がないと生けられない」と思った自分を思い出す/感じます。最後の曲「大丈夫」は一番好きです。また聞いて、夕方の空のエネルギ/命が感じます。まっ、上手く説明が出来ないが、心がある音楽万歳!

The song list is as follows (with my English translations):

始まりの歌 - Beginning Song
どうして - Why
ずっと一緒 - Together Forever
おてがみ - Letter
弱虫ラブソング - Shy Love Song
大丈夫 - It's Alright

This is another thing I like about this CD - the lack of pretense in the names.  Just straightforward and clear names.  And one more thing - the musician hasn't mixed in English in the lyrics, which is greatly appreciated!  Too many Japanese songs toss in English without there being much apparent reason for doing so.

最後のコメントは、二つある。まず、曲名が恰好付けずにそのままにある。そして、曲の言葉が英語に混ぜなかったもありがたい! 日本語の歌は、外国の言葉は入れなくてもいいと思います。

Kana website:

Kana blog:

Kana - Live in Shinjuku on February 1st, 2011 - (110201-1943)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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