Friday, February 4, 2011

Kurosawa Yoshio (黒沢芳男) Exhibition at K's Gallery - (2011/01)

This exhibition (2011/01/27-02/01) by Kurosawa Yoshio (黒沢芳男) at K's Gallery consisted of a nice collection of abstract art.  The artist also performed some songs - playing a guitar while singing.  He has quite a nice voice and I was surprised how good his Japanese language version of "House of the Rising Sun" sounded.  It didn't seem like a translated song - but sounded natural, as though the original was in Japanese in the first place.  While looking around at the art after that, I asked the artist if he interrupted his painting from time to time to pick up the guitar and play.  He said he never does that - that he plays guitar after work - at work - to relax before heading home.  I found that separation interesting.  From a practical standpoint, it makes sense though.  Keeping his music and his painting separate prevents them from interfering with one another. (日本語は、絵の下です)
黒沢芳男展 / K's Gallery
この展示会は、写真と絵葉書の絵の通りのアブストラクト絵でした。ほとんどの絵がいいと思いました。しかし、この画家は、絵だけではなく、音楽もやります。しかも、声がいいです。ちょっと待って! 絵も音楽も上手い? 何だか、狡いとか、欲張りとか... (笑う)  日本語の「ライジングサンの家」を歌って、実に声がいい。

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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