Sunday, February 27, 2011

Orai Taro (オーライタロー) Exhibition at Gallery 2-Plus (ギャラリーツープラス)

This exhibition (2011/02/26-03/10) by Orai Taro (オーライタロー) at Gallery 2+ (ギャラリーツープラス) features pictures of the type of building constructed largely with traditional Japanese wood building carpentry, but with styling influenced by western buildings.  I like a lot of these buildings (although there are very few of them left now), since they have a warmth and livability about them lacking in more modern concrete and steel boxes.  この展示会は、大正時代と昭和の初めごろ作られた建物の絵です。あの時代の建物は、あまり残ってないが、なんだか、暖かい感じで、好きですね。
オーライタロー / ギャラリーツープラス

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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