Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kurota Hirofumi (黒多弘文) Installation at Project-306 (銀座奥野ビル306号室プロジェクト)

This installation (2011/07/18-30) by Kurota Hirofumi (黒多弘文) at Project-306 (銀座奥野ビル306号室プロジェクト) consists of running water (visual and audio) within in a mysterious space.  Drop by Project-306 for the experience - and take in the atmosphere of always-interesting Room-306.  (A short video of the installation can be seen [here].)  このインストレーションは、不思議な空間で水の音、映像 - そして、いつもの奥野ビル306号室の面白さ。 短い動画は、[ここ]で見えます。

銀座奥野ビル306号室プロジェックト (Project Room-306):

Kurota Hirofumi (黒多弘文) July Installation (Video)

"Ginza Okuno Building Details (July 20th 2010)"

"Okuno Building - Quick Tour (June 16th, 2010)" (100616-1444)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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