Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sano Norimitsu (佐野紀満) Exhibition at Art Space Rashinban (アートスペース羅針盤) - (2011/06)

This nihonga exhibition (2011/06/27-07/02) by Sano Norimitsu (佐野紀満) at Art Space Rashinban (アートスペース羅針盤) consisted of a series of animal-themed pictures in the style of the picture on the promotional card.
The artist demonstrated how the pictures looked depending on the level and direction of lighting. The contrast between the silver portions and the color rose and fell depending on the lighting, creating an amazing depth.  It was quite remarkable how differently they looked under different lighting.  この日本画展示会は、DMの絵葉書のような動物テーマの絵でした。 画家が、色々な光を調節して、色々な感じを見せてくれました。

The artist's website is here:

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Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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