Monday, September 19, 2011

Hamada, Hisano, and Kumano Exhibition (三人展) at Gallery Izu (ギャラリーいず)

This three-person exhibition (三人展 - 2011/09/13-18) by Hamada Tadashi (濱田忠士), Hisano Ryoichi (久野良一), and Kumano Shigeo (熊野茂夫) at Gallery Izu (ギャラリーいず) consisted of pictures similar to the three (one from each artist) pictures featured on the promotional card.  この展示会は、DM絵葉書のような絵でした。 以下の三枚の絵が、それぞれの画家の絵です。
熊野茂夫 / ギャラリーいず

濱田忠士 / ギャラリーいず

The beach scene picture of Enoshima (above) was featured on a postage stamp.  I didn't realize it at the show, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing this picture on a stamp before.

The website for Hisano Ryoichi (久野良一) is: (Jp) (Eng)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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