Sunday, September 18, 2011

Matsuya Chikako (松谷千夏子) Exhibition at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (柴田悦子画廊)

This exhibition (2011/09/10-18) by Matsuya Chikako (松谷千夏子) at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (柴田悦子画廊) consisted of a series of pictures of women.  I looked around the room at the pictures and the words "Contemplative Feminine" came to mind.  The title on the card is "Happiness", and - thinking about it - I suppose "Happy Contemplative Feminine" would fit.  この展示会は、色々な女性の絵でした。 何だか、「幸せ」+「考え込み」の感じと思いました。
松谷千夏子展 / 柴田悦子画廊

(Incidentally, the picture featured on the promotional card had very differently colored dots, and appeared to have been changed between making the promotional card and the opening of the exhibition.)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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