Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nakai Yaeko (中井弥生子展) Exhibition at K's Gallery - (2011/09)

This exhibition (2011/09/12-17) by Nakai Yaeko (中井弥生子) at K's Gallery consisted of blue-themed abstract pictures that I thought looked very nice.  I particularly liked the rectangular picture at the far end of the room (see 2nd photo below).  この展示会は、DM絵葉書と写真のような絵でした。 (ところで、K's Galleryは、銀座から、となりの京橋に引っ越しました。 新しい画廊は、もっと大きく、いいです!)
中井弥生子展 / K's Gallery
中井弥生子展 / K's Gallery

Incidentally, K's Gallery has moved from Ginza to neighboring Kyobashi (see address on card above).  The new gallery space is larger and rather nice!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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