Sunday, September 25, 2011

Onoguchi Kyoko (小野口京子展) Exhibition at Gallery Musashi Ginza (銀座ギャラリームサシ)

This exhibition (2011/09/18-24) by Onoguchi Kyoko (小野口京子展) at Gallery Musashi Ginza (銀座ギャラリームサシ) I had wanted to see, but I ran out of time on the last day of the show and didn't make it there in time.  I presume it was of pictures similar to the one on the promotional card, which I really like.  この展示会に行くつもりでしたが、間に合わなかった。 しかし、DM絵葉書が好きので、とりあえずDMの絵を紹介します!
小野口京子展 / 銀座ギャラリームサシ

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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