Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fukuda Takeyoshi (福田武芳) and Toyoda Kinoko (とよ田キノ子) Exhibit at Kobo (巷房) - (2010/07)

The promotional postcard for this exhibition (2010/07/12-17) presents it as a joint exhibit by Fukuda Takeyoshi (福田武芳) and Toyoda Kinoko (とよ田キノ子), but all three of the rooms comprising the Kobo (巷房) gallery were utilized, with one artist using two and the other artist the remaining room, so this was essencially two exhibitions - "Cambodian Taxi Driver", with a movie storyboard style of photographs taken in Cambodia, and "Mushroom Meets Girl", pictures (not photos) of hybrid women/mushrooms (see Toyoda Kinoko's blog for photos of how the pictures were made).
福田武芳とよ田キノ子 / 巷房
The photos of Cambodia were interesting to contemplate, as the viewer could follow the two characters (acting out a fictional storyline) around in Cambodia and get a feeling somewhat for the atmosphere there - quite interesting, since Cambodia isn't a country most people have visited yet.

While in the smallest of Kobo's three display spaces under the stairs in the basement, I took the photo above and also a short video clip (link under photo) - in which you can hear somewhat the cool echoes the room produces if you feed it the right sound waves.

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