Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marimura Mimi (麻利邑みみ) Exhibition at Art Space Ginza One (アートスペース銀座ワン) - (2010 / 2012)

This exhibit (2010/07/12-17) by Marimura Mimi (麻利邑みみ) at Art Space Ginza One (アートスペース銀座ワン) consisted of a series of pictures featuring the character "Alice" - apparently based on an actual person who models for the artist.
麻利邑みみ / アートスペース銀座ワン

An interesting thing about this exhibition for me is that the cat in the promotional postcard picture reminded me of my old cat, and a couple of the depictions of the model reminded me of someone I know.

From the 2012 exhibition:
麻利邑みみ / アートスペース銀座ワン

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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