Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Polaroid Exhibit in Water (水の中のポラロイド) at Shashin Ginko (写真銀行)

This exhibit (2010/07/21) of Polaroid pictures in water (水の中のポラロイド) at Shashin Ginko (写真銀行) was not by design.  Not the water part anyway!  The pictures were carefully laid out on the floor - as you can see here:
水の中のポラロイド / 写真銀行
With the section on the left (close up above) becoming a victim to an apparent crack in the building's foundation that allows water to leak into this basement gallery from time to time.
     No one was there when I walked in to see the exhibit, so I took the above pictures and then told another gallery owner about the flooding, and they called the owner of Shashin Ginko and then told the building manager.
     What has happened, is that the construction of the large building immediately next to the Okuno Building has damaged the Okuno Building's foundation, and in addition to cracks appearing throughout the building where the A-half sits next to the B-half, this room has water leaks (coinciding with the construction project next-door) due to cracks in the side wall of the underground foundation.
     Soon after the above pictures were taken, the building manager called someone at the construction site and a group of hardhat wearing young men came over with a pile of towels to mop up the water....
     Brilliant.  Every time water leaks through the foundation, they come over and *thoughtfully* mop up the water, say it has nothing to do with them (owning up to the damage they have caused and actually fixing it would be expensive) and then they go away, as though mopping up the water fixes the problem....
     What they need to do is dig up the sidewalk in front of the building and dig down to where the leak is, and fix it from the outside of the wall.  The extensiveness of the damage to the foundation (under the building) should also be carefully investigated and repaired.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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