Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tomikawa Kazuhiko (富川和彦) Exhibition at Gallery-403 (ギャラリー403)

At this exhibit (2010/07/10-19) by Tomikawa Kazuhiko (富川和彦) at Gallery-403 (ギャラリー403) in the Okuno Building, there was a wide range of art - including items such as the accessory on the promotional postcard.  My personal favorite was a multi-surface mirror that looked nice and was interesting (and fun) to look at from different angles.
富川和彦 / ギャラリー403
Room-403 (as the second room over from the corner, it seems as though it should be 402... the owner may have changed the room number for a luckier number? - The next gallery down is a combination of two rooms with the dividing wall knocked down, so there would be an extra number floating about... I'll have to look into this!) has the nicest arrangement of live plants in the planter in front of the window.  (Photo by Lyle H Saxon, copyright 2010)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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