Monday, July 12, 2010

Tanaka Ryo (田中良) Exhibit at K's Gallery

This photo exhibition (2010/07/08-13) by Tanaka Ryo (田中良) at K's Gallery featured relatively close-up images of the kind of thing you usually don't pay much attention to - worn and scraped metal at (presumably) a construction site, a small part of the street, etc.
田中良/ K's Gallery

The cryptic English title of "Work of Tokyo" on the promotional postcard begins to make sense when you read the Japanese line above it "太陽が, 風が, 雨が, そして, 時間と人がつくった" ("Made by the sun, wind, rain, time, and people").

Looking at the sets of frame-less pictures, I pondered the issue of frames and photographs.  A painting that an artist has spent a month working on seems perfectly natural in an elaborate frame, but photos usually seem out of place in the same type of frame.  On the other hand, no frame at all gives a feeling of something missing.

Personally, for my own photos, the thing that keeps me from having exhibitions of them is the cost.  The cost of printing high-quality images and then putting them in good frames is a serious issue for me.  Given the choice of skipping a camera upgrade in order to pay for an exhibition, or going for the new camera and postponing the exhibition, the camera usually (always?) wins.

Incidentally, "田中" has got to be "Tanaka", and while "良" is most probably "Ryo", it could be pronounced in some other way - I didn't get a chance to confirm the pronunciation of the photographer's name.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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