Monday, July 12, 2010

Mokuhon Plant Shop (Former Location in GOB) - (2010/07)

This room (501 in the Ginza Okuno Building) began life as an apartment in 1932, and at some point began to be used as an office, and just recently, a new tenant has moved in and opened a plant shop called "Mokuhan".  [Update: Mokuhan has moved to a new address and is no longer in the Okuno Building.]
Tel: 03-3566-4720
In this picture (above), you can see where one of the building's original round windows used to be.  Someone cemented it in, so now there's just the framework for it left.  The wooden thing on the left used to be installed (horizontally) at the ceiling to provide air flow even when the (internal) door was closed.  The current tenant had it taken down as part of rearranging the space, and - thankfully - didn't throw it away, but instead incorporated it into the shop's decor.
All photos - Copyright 2010, Lyle H Saxon
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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