Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Imaeda Kana (今枝加奈) and Sekiguchi Emi (関口恵美) Exhibition at Gallery Tomo (ぎゃらりぃ朋) - (2012/02)

This exhibition by Imaeda Kana (今枝加奈) and Sekiguchi Emi (関口恵美) at Gallery Tomo (ぎゃらりぃ朋) consisted of pictures by one of the artists and wood sculptures by the other (both artists pictured in photo below).  この二人展示会は、日本画と木造彫刻の作品でした。
今枝加奈と関口恵美展 / ぎゃらりぃ朋
One of the pictures in particular intrigued me, as the closer I got to it, the more it seemed like an actual wall.  There was quite a three-dimensional quality to many of the pictures

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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