Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Suzuki Atsuko (鈴木敦子) Exhibition at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) - (2012/02)

This abstract exhibition (2012/02/27-03/10) by Suzuki Atsuko (鈴木敦子) at Ai Gallery (藍ギャラリー) consisted of a mix of paint-only paintings and paint mixed with thread stitched directly into the canvas.  In the first photo below, the white and green areas are thread.  In the second photo (from the promotional card), there is only paint.  The thread gave the picture a warm, three-dimensional feeling.
鈴木敦子展 / 藍ギャラリー
このアブストラクト展示会は、上のような絵でした。 絵の具だけと絵の具と布のコンビがあって、 暖かい立体的な感じでした。 [画廊のウエブサイトページ]  There was also one picture that looked like a realistic depiction of snow on tree branches. The title of the top picture was "Rain" and once you look at it that way, the white lines really do look like rain falling in... a forest maybe?

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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