Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yamashita Akinobu (山下晃伸) and Fuji Akinaga (藤井光永) Exhibition at K's Gallery - (2012/03)

This joint exhibition by Yamashita Akinobu (山下晃伸) and Fuji Akinaga (藤井光永) at K's Gallery consisted of documentary style photographs by YA on the one hand, and artistic photographs by FA on the other.

If I understood the explanation correctly (from the gallery owner), the artistic photos were double-exposures.  Looking closely at them, some appeared to be a combination of one in-focus picture and one out-of-focus picture.  My favorites were "Ikebukuro" and "Daiba".  For the documentary style photos, my favorites were the bee and the picture of apartment high-rises.  この写真展示会は、町の風景の写真とアブストラクトの写真でした。 一番気に入った写真は、「池袋」、「台場」、「蜂」、と「マンションのタワー」でした。

Yamashita Akinobu (山下晃伸)

Fujii Akinaga (藤井光永)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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