Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Traditionally Dyed Silk Exhibition (結城紬展示会) - Uraniwa (シャルロット裏庭) - (2012/03)

This exhibition of traditionally dyed silk (結城紬 - Yuki-tsumugi) consisted of a kimono and various other things, including purses and scarves.  Apparently some of the material was even made from hand-spun thread and produced on traditional hand-operated traditional looms.  The understated colors made with natural dyes were very nice.
結城紬展示会 / シャルロット裏庭
結城紬展示会 / シャルロット裏庭
The couple putting on the exhibition had come into Tokyo from the traditional city Yuki City (結城市) in the countryside of Ibaraki Prefecture (茨城県).  Orders can be made via the Uraniwa antique shop in the Okuno Building (see website below).

Here's a great video from UNESCO that shows the technique of this ancient craft:

Yuki-tsumugi, silk fabric production technique

Orders (注文): Uraniwa (シャルロット裏庭):

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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